Landscaping Specialties From Land Designs In Mechanicsville, Virginia

Land Designs LLC's team of design specialists can also create lighting solutions for your properties aesthetic appeal after dark as well as a solution to a night safety concern through the use of low-voltage landscape lighting.

Our team can also provide complete drainage solutions for your property to prevent flooding. Land Designs LLC offers a full grading service. This ensures a secure and level base, or an incline with a specified slope for a driveway or for example, a landscape foundation or garden improvement.

Land Designs LLC also designs and installs low-voltage lighting solutions to enhance the features of your property at night. Accent lighting creates visual drama by highlighting special areas, directional lighting brightens walking paths, stairs, and driveways, and all lighting greatly improves security around the property. Many options, including colorized lights and customized zones of lighting, are available. Furthermore, using long-lived LED units greatly reduces electricity usage.

We also provide complete grading, drainage, and lawn installation services to be certain that your turf grass areas are properly sloped and have the right soil for the lawn to grow properly. Excess water in wet areas can be piped underground to ease drainage problems, if necessary. New sod is the best way to start a new lawn, but we also can install seed in the right mix for the area.

Land Designs LLC works with one of the area’s best irrigation specialists for new sprinkler system installations. We can also perform remodeling of older systems as we are working on other areas of the property, such as new patios, walkways, or planting beds. The correct amount of water is essential to a successful planting of trees, shrubs, ground cover, flowers, and lawn areas.

Land Designs LLC is your local landscape design and installation source for all of your needs to beautify your property and expand your living space into the outdoors.